1986 Chevrolet Corvette

Photo log of the journey for one of our recently completed multi-year restorations.

Finished product.
How it was when it first arrived.
Taking it apart and flushing the fuel system.
Back installed and sanded down.
Primer put on.
Having a bit of fun with the guidecoat. Thats not a Firebird!
After paint with direct light. Beautiful ghost flame job under the prismatic pearl paint.
How it looks on a fairly overcast day.
Cleaned up the interior, seat covers and new carpet.
The color really shows through when the sun hits it just right!
Ready to take it on the road after years of dreaming!

1976 Toyota FJ40

A start to finish restoration we did on a 1976 Toyota FJ40.

Shortly after it was brought in.
Teardown begins.
Starting the repair process.
New plate all welded in.
More fabrication for rusted out panels.
Frame epoxy primered.
Lots of body work!
All painted up, time for final assembly.
Another satisfied customer!