Some shots from the archives

A handful of photos from the archives showcasing just a few more of the vehicles that have passed through our bay door in years past.

The final touches being put onto a 1931 Model A’s roof:

1949 Willy’s getting some sun:

Freshly painted 1958 Chevy:

1958 Porsche Speedster (yes, a real one!):

Freshly painted 1971 Bronco going home:

1974 Jensen Healy:

A sharp looking 1986 Ford Bronco ready for delivery:

Farewell pics of a finished 280Z:

MGA’s in various stages of their life cycle:

An XKE departs on the next leg of its journey:

If you recognize any of these cars, or one of them is yours, post a comment! We’d love to hear where they’re at these days.

A British classic brought in from the cold

This 1953 MG TD was brought to the shop for a complete restoration by its owner and bore many signs of a long existence in Alaska. Clearly not a Sunday driver, this car had the hallmark of many winter miles in the snow: More rust than steel left in many places. Though it would require an extraordinary amount of work, Ken and his crew happily stepped up to the task of bringing this unique British classic back into show-worthy shape after it had sat for over twenty years undriven.

The horrors of decades of winter driving and storage out in the weather:

Some before and after exterior and interior shots:

Post restoration, the vehicle was shipped to Hawaii where it turns plenty of heads on the island roads.