Some shots from the archives

A handful of photos from the archives showcasing just a few more of the vehicles that have passed through our bay door in years past.

The final touches being put onto a 1931 Model A’s roof:

1949 Willy’s getting some sun:

Freshly painted 1958 Chevy:

1958 Porsche Speedster (yes, a real one!):

Freshly painted 1971 Bronco going home:

1974 Jensen Healy:

A sharp looking 1986 Ford Bronco ready for delivery:

Farewell pics of a finished 280Z:

MGA’s in various stages of their life cycle:

An XKE departs on the next leg of its journey:

If you recognize any of these cars, or one of them is yours, post a comment! We’d love to hear where they’re at these days.